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UConn Rudd Center Releases New Food Marketing Report

The newly released UConn Rudd Center Parents’ Attitudes Towards Food Marketing Report highlights parents’ views about food marketing to children and food self-industry regulation, and their support for policies to help encourage healthy eating for their children.


UCONNRUDDstory.PNGBy UConn Rudd Center

Here are of the key findings from the Parents’ Attitudes Towards Food Marketing Report:

  • 85% of parents surveyed about their views on food marketing to children agreed that companies should reduce advertising of unhealthy food to their kids.
  • Support for policies to promote healthy eating habits for their children in the media, schools and communities increased between 2012 and 2015 among parents surveyed for this study, with black and Hispanic parents significantly more likely to express support than white parents.
  • The majority of parents surveyed indicated they would take a variety of actions to encourage companies to reduce unhealthy food marketing to children, including to stop purchasing unhealthy products advertised to children, talk to other parents about food marketing, and sign an online petition to encourage companies to reduce unhealthy food marketing.

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Read the full report here.