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About Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center

Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center is the only online national network of people solely dedicated to ensuring our kids grow up at a healthy weight. We connect advocates across the movement with hundreds of thousands of supporters in advocacy efforts to implement policies that will help reduce children nationwide grow up at a healthy weight.

A project of the American Heart Association, the Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center offers free tools, services and support to the people and organizations who are working to ensure children everywhere can eat healthier and become more physically active.


Why a Movement?

Children with unhealthy weights threaten the health and future potential of our young people. More than 23 million children and adolescents in the United States — nearly one in three young people — are now obese or overweight, putting them at higher risk for life-threatening health problems. If we don’t reverse the epidemic, the current generation of young people could be the first in U.S. history to live sicker and die younger than their parents’ generation.

But to achieve success, we must go beyond the latest fad diet or workout. Significant policy and environmental change is needed to give children the opportunity to lead a healthy life.

But creating this change will not be easy. It will need to take place everywhere, from local elementary school cafeterias to the storied hallways of government and the boardrooms of corporate America

No contributing factor can go untouched, either. We must improve the nutritional quality of what we eat and how we prepare it. We must work so all people have access to healthy food, while also ensuring that the price of that food is affordable. Meanwhile, we must help everyone move more, including by working to provide time and a safe place for kids to play each day.

Simply put, there’s a lot to do.

That’s why we need to build a network of people who can actively work to make change happen. No one person or organization can reverse obesity alone. Experts, policymakers, health advocates, corporate leaders, community organizers, educators and everyday people must come together to build the momentum needed to creative positive, effective change.

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