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Salud Talks: Podcasts from the Voices for Healthy Kids Summit

Salud Talks, a weekly podcast from Salud America, aims to inform listeners of health inequities and trends impacting the Latino community. Check out some of the episodes that our team at Salud! America recorded during the Voices for Healthy Kids 2019 Summit!


A Positive Experience,” Bob Lujano, National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability, 2/19/20

Bob Lujano, Information Specialist for the National Center on Health, Physical Activity, and Disability joins Salud Talks to discuss equal access for individuals with disabilities, and how we all can step up to make life more equitable for his community.


Speak No Evil,” Doug Hattaway, Hattaway Communications, 1/29/20

Doug Hattaway, president of Hattaway Communications, says that the way we communicate can make the difference between positive movement in an issue or those ideas falling on deaf ears. He joined Salud Talks to discuss the strategy his firm uses to fight for positive change — aspirational communication.


Healthcare Deserts,” Jordan Rassmussen, Center for Rural Affairs, 12/11/19

Jordan Rassmussen, the Policy Manager of the Center for Rural Affairs, joins Salud Talks to discuss inequal access to quality medical treatment in rural communities. Learn about the issues facing rural Americans concerning their access to healthcare.