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Child Care Research: Year in Review 2019 Edition

Throughout the year, Child Care Aware of America (CCAoA) monitors the latest, most important research findings about child care. The information deserves a wide audience, so we’re launching Child Care Research: Year in Review to share some of the most significant studies from the past year.


It would be impossible to talk about all the research topics covered in 2019. Instead, we’re focusing on the issues that CCAoA has been writing and thinking about in the past year:

  • The child care workforce
  • Subsidies
  • Children’s social-emotional health
  • The supply of child care

That said, a dominant theme in 2019 research is the inequity within the child care system. Providers earn much less than workers in other professions. Children with special needs have reduced access to child care subsidies. Traumatized children have higher rates of suspension and expulsion. Not all the findings were negative, though. Some studies showed the positive changes that can happen when children have access to child care and providers get the support they need.

In addition to the challenges in child care and the inequities noted, we found some innovative programs and resources that aim to solve those problems. And at the end of each topic area, we list questions we hope the research in the year(s) ahead will address. Be sure to take a deeper look at the findings here.


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