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Peace Parks Give Young People a Safe Place to Be Active and Have Fun

Peace Parks is an exciting new program that promotes safe environments and opportunities for young people learn new hobbies, hang out with friends and remain active in the evening and at night. Read on to learn more!


In 2014, 60 children playing at the Herz Clubhouse and Playground in San Francisco's Visitacion Valley witnessed a fatal shooting.

Now, just five years later, dozens of teens flock to Herz three nights a week to participate in a range of activities that include basketball, drumming, swimming, dance, hair-braiding and cooking. What's behind this transformation?

A new program called Peace Parks creates safe opportunities for teens and young adults who live in neighborhoods affected by crime to go out and have fun at night. San Francisco's sugary drink tax funds most of the program's budget.        

The full story can be accessed here.

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