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ICYMI: Voices for Healthy Kids Publishes New Resources for Campaigns

Voices for Healthy Kids is committed to providing you with the latest science-reviewed information that is also easy to understand and use. Check out our new fast facts on sugary drinks and water access in schools.


Did you know, Voices for Healthy Kids has a science review process to ensure new science is correctly translated? Each of our fast facts undergoes this process. The reason? We recognize that when working on campaigns, materials are often created with a quick turn-around. If you’re in a time crunch, you can literally copy and paste our fast facts with confidence because each one underwent the American Heart Association’s rigorous review process.

There are more than a dozen fast facts documents, from preemption to physical education. The two newest to be added – updated sugary drink fast facts and new water access in schools fast facts.


Want to make a difference in your community? Check out our Sugary Drinks Toolkit