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New SNAP Incentive Resources Now Available from Voices for Healthy Kids

New SNAP Incentive resources from Voices for Healthy Kids are just a click away!


This content calendar highlights the importance SNAP plays in providing food access to more than 40 million people, two-thirds of whom are children, the elderly and people with disabilities. With these incentives, participants can buy additional fruits and vegetables, which help them provide healthier meals for their families. And it’s working! For example, in California, 73% of customers from low-income households said they ate more fruits and veggies as a result of Market Match, a SNAP incentive program that gives people additional dollars to spend on healthy foods.

This new online toolkit includes:

  • Social media posts that highlight how SNAP helps not just recipients, but also local economies. Don’t forget to use #ProtectSNAP in your posts!
  • Sample media pitch, LTE and Op-Eds to help your team or coalition get media. Please consider your own stories and experiences as a way to personalize the op-ed. Be sure to include specific information about your campaign.
  • An Action Alert to spur your advocates and the general public to get involved with your campaign. Use this draft action alert on SNAP for inspiration to develop one for your specific campaign. These alerts can be sent out via e-mail, letter, phone call, or even on social media.
  • Graphics and a Video to use with social media content and your action alerts or use with pitches to media and bloggers. People are visual, so try to include graphics in emails, media pitches and social media updates.

The SNAP resources can be accessed here.