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New School District Wellness Policy in Kansas City, Mo. Aims to Create a Culture of Health at School

Communities Creating Opportunity (CCO), a driving force for social justice and health in Kansas City and a Voices for Healthy Kids grantee, is addressing health disparities in its community in exciting ways. Find out how!


Within Kansas City, MO, a baby born in one neighborhood had a life expectancy 15 years shorter than a child born just a few miles away.

CCO responded to this challenge with a comprehensive approach to improving health, particularly in neighborhoods that historically have lacked access to financial investment and opportunities.

In 2017, CCO began focusing on school as an environment for supporting kids' health. The group partnered with local education officials, parents and other advocacy organizations to craft a district-wide wellness policy that expands opportunities for healthy eating and physical activity throughout the school day.     

You can read their story and join the School Wellness Action Team here.