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New Resource: Preemption Fast Facts

Right now, corporate interests are working to pass state-level “preemption” bills that stop local communities from passing policies promoting public health, safety and economic well-being. Voices for Healthy Kids has a new resource to help you respond to harmful preemption efforts.


Preemption is becoming an increasingly common state legislative tactic and extending to a greater number of policy issue areas. It’s dangerous because it can hurt communities and prevent local leaders from meeting the needs of their constituents.

That’s why Voices for Healthy Kids created the Preemption Fast Facts resource. The Preemption Fast Facts will guide you in your work to support your local governments’ ability to pass laws that reflect your community’s needs.

It contains resources to help you understand:

  • What preemption is and how it hurts local communities
  • How preemption relates to health
  • Why health equity is at risk when preemption is implemented

These Preemption Fast Facts provide facts from up-to-date studies and "fast facts" written in consumer-friendly language.

Be sure to check out the Voices for Healthy Kids Preemption Toolkit for more resources including graphic, key messages and sample social media posts, LTEs and Op-Eds.