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New Media Advocacy Guidebook and Worksheets Created Just for Your Campaigns!

We all have messages we want to share with a wider audience, but how do we amplify them and once we do, how do we get decision makers, advocates, the media and the public to take action? That’s where the Voices for Healthy Kids media advocacy resources come in handy. Building a strong media advocacy plan is an important part of your overall campaign planning process. We’ve built some new resources to help you do just that!


On this brand-new Media Advocacy Resources webpage, you’ll find all kinds of helpful content in one place, including:

  • A guidebook that will help you create a media advocacy plan from the ground up, including everything from developing a communications strategy and messaging to identifying spokespeople and your key audience
  • Customizable worksheets to help you brainstorm ideas, write messages and direct digital strategic planning
  • Media advocacy tip sheets that will give you step-be-step guidance on drafting Op-Eds and letters the editor, training spokespeople and implementing social media

Have more questions? Contact [email protected] for grassroots assistance or [email protected] for media advocacy help.