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Jack in the Box Drops Sugary Drinks from Kids’ Menu


By Our Friends at CSPI

We’re thrilled to share the news that Jack in the Box has dropped sugary drinks from its kids’ menu. Jack in the Box used to push several sugary drinks (soda, Hi-C fruit punch, and lemonade) on its kids’ menu.  Now the only beverages listed on the kids' menu are milk and juice.

Members of the Food Marketing Workgroup sent Jack in the Box a letter urging the company to improve the nutritional quality of its children’s meal options, including removing sugary drinks from the children’s menu.  Several of our organizations, including CSPI, have also used action alerts and social media to urge Jack in the Box to stop pushing sugary drinks on kids.  These joint efforts have been successful!

Together, we have succeeded in ensuring that many of the top restaurant chains in the country—including Jack in the Box, Applebee’s, Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Dairy Queen—don’t market soda directly to children as part of their kids’ menus (Subway, Panera, and a few others never had soda on the kids' menu).  We are working to urge Bojangles’, Arby's, and Chili’s to be next.  Please let us know if you’d like to help with those efforts, or if you are interested in supporting kids’ meal legislation in your state or community.

Thank you to everyone who helped to achieve this.  This success is yet more proof that companies can change—if they hear from us.

Please share this good news with your supporters.  Below are some model social media posts. Would you please let us know how you’re able to help get the word out?



  • Breaking News: After hearing from parents around the country, @JackBox has agreed to remove soda from its kids’ menu!
  • Kudos to @JackBox for removing soda from its kids’ menu. This is a step forward in improving its kids’ meals.
  • Good news: @JackBox commits to remove soda from kids’ menus. @Bojangles1977 & @Chilis, get with the program!