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Breaking News: Philadelphia Dedicates $15 Million to Safer Streets!

Philadelphia is riding towards safer streets. Don’t miss the details on this exciting change!


Exciting news from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! The city included $15 million in bike and pedestrian funding as part of its recently adopted budget.

Philadelphia, with a population of 1,584,138, is second only to Los Angeles in traffic-related deaths; it has nearly double the amount as New York City. In North Philadelphia where the poverty rate exceeds 45%, the neighborhoods have the second-highest traffic-related injuries and deaths after downtown Philadelphia.

This funding will go toward 25 current bike lane projects and 30 additional projects that are in the design phase or earlier stages. These projects will connect neighborhoods to world-class hospital systems and important government services. The projects will improve pedestrian and bicycle safety to create more opportunities for Philadelphians to live a more active healthy lifestyle!

Congratulations to the American Heart Association in Philadelphia and to the all the advocates and volunteers who are working to make each day healthier for all children!

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