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Transportation, an Effective Tool to Create Healthy and Equitable Communities

The State of Transportation and Health Equity, a field scan from Smart Growth America, looks at the intersection of transportation and health equity in the U.S. today. Read on to learn more.


The report identifies the biggest challenges to health equity facing our transportation system and the best tools to address the problem. Developed through rigorous feedback from a panel of health and transportation experts from across the country, each of the six sections outlines challenges, corresponding strategies, as well as success stories from all different types of places.

To advance health equity through transportation, stakeholders must:

  1. Re-frame the transportation conversation
  2. Allocate funding and resources equitably
  3. Improve the quality and diversity of transportation leadership
  4. Prioritize historically underrepresented communities in transportation decision-making
  5. Work in unison to provide people-focused infrastructure
  6. Invest in communities without displacement

Download the full report here. An accessible version of the report can be found here.