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Breaking News: Baltimore Passes Complete Streets Policy

Breaking news from Baltimore, MD! The Baltimore City Council passed a complete streets policy that will help make streets safer for people to use public transit, walk, and bike!


The legislation, sponsored by City Councilman Ryan Dorsey, was designed to encourage city planners to favor other forms of transit, including biking and walking, overs cars.

In a city where one in three households lacks access to a car, the legislation states that the Baltimore City Department of Transportation must “to the greatest extent possible, promote walking, biking, and public transit" and “ensure equity by actively pursuing the elimination of health, economic, and access disparities.”

Although the bill is passed, there is more work to be done. The American Heart Association and coalition members are committed to working alongside city agencies to ensure communities are engaged and that the policy is equitably implemented across Baltimore.

Congratulations to advocates, including the Baltimore Complete Streets Coalition, and the City of Baltimore for making streets safer for physical activity!

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