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We Can't Thank You Enough asked you to tell the USDA to approve improved nutrition standards for school meals. You responded in a big way.

We’ll make the official announcement on Friday, but wanted to tell The Inside Track’s loyal readers the good news first. We didn’t just reach our goal to send 50,000 comments to the U.S. Department of Agriculture asking the agency to approve much needed nutrition standards for public school meals, we shattered it.

Between the network and our friends at groups such as the National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity, Center for Science in the Public Interest, Kids Safe and Healthful Foods, National Urban League, Jamie Oliver Foundation, MomsRising and the American Heart Association, nearly 140,000 people sent comments to the USDA supporting the new standards. We nearly tripled our original goal, telling the USDA in a booming voice that schools should serve more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, which will be a key part in reducing the childhood obesity epidemic.

Thank you again to everyone who took part. We’ll keep you updated on what the next steps will be in this important part of the movement.