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Voices for Healthy Kids SNAP Series: Michigan Fair Food Network

Double Up Food Bucks is a SNAP incentive program that began in Michigan and is rapidly growing across the nation. Don’t miss the details on this exciting program!


The Double Up Food Bucks program, which matches Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) dollars spent on fruits and vegetables, is a national model for healthy food incentives. It began in Michigan and now operates in 20 states and is expanding to more.

Nearly a decade ago, the Fair Food Network collaborated with five Detroit farmers markets to field test the idea of healthy food incentives through a pilot program called Double Up Food Bucks. The program quickly grew statewide to more than 250 farmers markets and grocery stores powered by federal, state and philanthropic support.

Today, Fair Food Network employs staff to support Double Up Food Bucks in Michigan and across the nation. The Network offers varying levels of support to Double Up programs across the country. In some states it provides technical assistance, and in others, it administers the program.

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