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Trend Shift: Healthier Menu and Drink Options Provide Sweetness for Every Taste

August is kids eat healthier month—but shouldn’t August be about everyone eating healthier? As we help prepare our kids back to head back to school, it’s a great time to make sure what we put in our kids’ bodies, as well as our own, helps everyone reach the healthiest life possible, and the growing healthier menu options trend is helping pave the way for healthier food and drink options for all—learn more here. 


Menu_SweetFact_DrinksLayered_20oz-cola.jpgA trend is beginning. As we have reported on recently, New Yorkers called for healthier menu options for kids’ meals, more and more we are hearing that parents want healthier drinks on kids’ meals, schools are providing healthier drinks for their students’ menus, the FDA extended its menu labeling comment period to hear from people like you, Panera announced its shift to healthier drinks and labeling, and other companies and cities are helping lead the way.

With this growing call to provide healthier options for menus, it’s more important now than ever to help stand behind this healthier food and drinks movement and continue to encourage more companies, schools, and restaurants to provide healthier food and drink options on their menus. Panera has officially moved to a new labeling system for drinks, and has rolled out new beverage options—helping further inform customers about and give them access to healthier drink options—and we’d love to see more places do this too. If you’re interested in joining the many voices asking for healthier options, join our action teams today!