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Looking for Help: Ideas for a Hospital Health Fair Leader Sharon Heineman is organizing a health fair at her local hospital aimed at teaching students how to lead healthy lives — and she needs your help!

The health fair at Pender Community Hospital in Pender, Neb., is focused on teaching young people in kindergarten through 12th grade about the importance of healthy eating, including through proper portion sizes, decreasing sugar, salt and starch intake and choosing healthy snacks. Organizers also are looking to teach the youngsters about the health dangers of tobacco.

Heineman, a registered nurse and educator at the hospital, reached out to to see whether we had any suggestions for fun and interesting ideas for the health fair, which is scheduled to take place in April 2013.

We thought our Leaders would be the perfect people to ask for help!

Have you put on similar events in the past? What suggestions would you offer Heineman? What worked well? What do you find people respond the most to?

You can get in touch with Heineman directly by visiting her profile page and clicking the contact button. Or, if you prefer, you can send me an email via [email protected] and I’ll pass along the message.