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How Are Your Local Schools Creating Active Classrooms?


Increasingly, more schools are finding creative ways to implement physical activity into their school days. Teachers are utilizing innovative solutions such as taking short breaks during lessons to get their kids up and moving, creating classrooms where children can use stationary bikes while reading, or classrooms where children sit on stability balls or use standing desks. One school in New York City is even offering spin classes before school for their students and the community at large.

The standard recommendation is that children should get at least 60 minutes of moderate physical activity a day, some of which can be covered by recess programs. But with education initiatives like No Child Left Behind, teachers are focusing more on academics than physical activity, according to a recent blog post from Angela Hanscom, founder of TimberNook camps, who also notes that teachers say that’s because they just don’t have the time for both the required academics and physical activity.

We want to know what it’s like in your local schools. Do they offer recess each day? What’s it like? Are they utilizing equipment like biking desks, stability balls or standing desks or do they offer other programs to get kids up and moving during the day? Let us know!

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