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Florida Recreation and Park Association Pledges to Improve Health Across the State



The Annual Agency Summit for the Florida Recreation and Park Association (FRPA) was hosted April 21, 2016. At this summit, over 100 Florida park and recreation professionals attended, and the main focus of the summit was the importance of health in a community and how the parks and recreation departments are closely related to it. The 100 professionals attending represented 70 agencies across Florida, which serve over 13 million people.

According to the Department of Health, the number one public health threat to Florida’s future is unhealthy weight. As a result, the FRPA State of Health and Wellness Pledge was distributed to agencies throughout the state to acknowledge standards for departments to strive for.

“One should not have to look far to see that there are solutions to this epidemic. Parks and Recreation are one of those solutions,” said FRPA President and Director of Miami-Dade Parks, Jack Kardys. 

The FRPA State of Health and Wellness Pledge focuses on the built environment, physical activity and nutrition. Highlights of the State of Health and Wellness Pledge include the following standards:

  • Park and Recreation agency supports a well-connected community that allows for active transportation.
  • Park and Recreation agency creates an environment of fitness, physical activity and fun while maintaining a safe and positive atmosphere.
  • Park and Recreation agency works as a connector between the community and locally grown food needs.

Visit here for more information on the program, or contact Charla Lucas.