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Announcing the NEW 2016 Spring Policy Report!



The American Heart Association’s Policy Research Department recently announced its spring 2016 Policy Report available for download at The redesigned format highlights the AHA’s recent policy developments and published statements as it works to achieve its 2020 impact goals of improving the cardiovascular health of all American’s by 20%, while reducing cardiovascular disease by 20%.

This latest issue includes a message from Dr. John Warner, Chair, Advocacy Coordinating Committee, and highlights the AHA’s recent policy statements around evidence-based policy making, health coverage expansion, physical activity and physical education, sodium intake, role of employers in employee health, and access to cardiovascular and stroke drugs.

The new look is integrated with social media and enables you to share the latest Association policy news with your online networks. Additionally, a new 3 Things to Know section gives you key takeaways from each summary to make the report more user-friendly and functional. These updates will save you time as you quickly scan and share policy updates with colleagues and professional connections.

Download the full Spring 2016 report here.