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Gimme Five: Shahrzad Nasrabadi




Name: Shahrzad Nasrabadi

Title: Certified Yoga & Pilates Instructor, Dr. of Traditional Naturopathy (Degree)

Organization: Holistic Health Consultant



1) How did you end up here today, and what motivates you to work on issues to help our kids grow up healthier?

SN: Our kids are our future investment. I believe that healthy kids can lead to healthy adults.

2) How are you working to change the environment to make it healthier and create a culture of health?

SN: I am helping educate people how to keep the water, air, and earth toxic free. I believe that you need to improve environment health to help prevent chronic diseases such as cancer.

3) What are some of your biggest accomplishments in helping kids achieve a healthy weight?

SN: I have taught several kids classes, ages 5-10 years old. I have also taught yoga as a volunteer. We know that a healthy lifestyle is a good habit that can lead to healthy weight in the long run. My role as a teacher who emphasis on prevention is to encourage people to attain a healthy lifestyle. Although attaining a heathy lifestyle needs patience and regular practice, we need to keep up with it to see the results. We, as effective educators, teach people not only regular exercise, but also healthy eating habits through nutrition. My belief is that nutrition and exercise both complete each other and considering both will lead to positive changes in people's future Health.

4) What excites you the most about showing up for work every day?

SN: Improving people’s lives is my passion.

5) What game or sport did you play growing up? OR What was your favorite healthy food growing up?

SN: I was a gymnast when I was a child. I loved the sport. I also grew up eating healthy food and some organic food.


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