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Meet the Staff of Voices for Healthy Kids: Allyson Frazier


Each week we will feature a staff member from Voices for Healthy Kids so you can learn about the people behind the scenes.

Name: Allyson Frazier
Title: Manager of Campaign Research and Development

I have been involved in community organizing and public health for close to 20 years. My favorite part has always been helping advocates use their passion and energy to change our communities for the better! I am excited about building a culture of health not only as a professional but also as mom, wife, daughter and friend. And I know we can’t do anything without advocates like you! I would love to connect with you to talk about your ideas and comments. Reach out at any time at [email protected] and I’ll be in touch!

PreventObesity.Net Role:

Leaders will see my name each week as I send the Inside Track newsletter. I also contribute to the blog and work to build campaigns across the nation to bolster healthy communities.

Policy Passion:

The list is long but if it has to do with kids count me in! Currently I am really jazzed about making sure schools are models for healthy behavior and that healthy foods are accessible in all communities.

Favorite Food:

Variety is the spice of life! I love all kinds of food (except seafood) and nothing gets me more excited than a new food truck or hideaway with a specialty I need to try!

Favorite Exercise:

Well my soccer career ended pretty soon after this photo was taken. Now it’s the park with the kids, hiking with the dog, or swimming at the beach. I’m committing to make exercise a bigger part of my daily schedule!