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10,000 Strong for a Sweeter Summer


As Leaders know, our summer campaign is giving you the opportunity to take action in your communities to reduce children’s intake of sugary drinks. Already, nearly 6,500 people have taken action. Will you help us reach 10,000 by sharing the campaign on social media?

People like you are taking action in their communities this summer to make an impact. Here are some examples:

As a Family Childcare Provider I pledge to serve 100% juices and more water. I will serve more vegetables for lunch, dinner and snack. I give out toothbrushes all the time and encourage parents to not give the children chips and sugary juices that rot their teeth and have no health benefits. We exercise every day and go to the farm to purchase vegetables and give to parents to make salads or stir fry at home. - Tina H.

I do the Rethink Your Drink program with a local community agency - Art K.

I am already buying healthier drinks for my family and limiting sodas as dessert so only allowing 1 or 2 a week. As a Girl Scout leader I always brought healthy snacks and drinks and strongly encouraged the other mothers to do the same. I also educate people to the sugary and diet drink ingredients whenever I am out seeing a movie or at a restaurant. - Patricia S.

Serve fresh fruit flavored water at family reunion. Share information on sugary drinks at reunion & other community events. Pack & drink fruit flavored water at school; and share information about sugary drink alternatives with students. - Linda Sue C.

Have you made a change in your community this summer related to sugary drinks? Want to share it with the community? Let us know! We might feature you on our blog.

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