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New Report: USDA Snack Policy Implementation Best Practices



As federal, state, and local technical assistance entities work to ensure implementation of the Smart Snacks standards in schools across the country, a new report, published in Preventing Chronic Disease, is sharing best practices studied in nine high schools in eight states.  Since implementation of the Smart Snacks rule began in 2014, the researchers found the following strategies to be beneficial to helping schools make the necessary changes:

1)      Incorporating the HealthierUS Schools Challenge: Smarter Lunchrooms award’s comprehensive wellness approach

2)      Leveraging state laws or district policies to reinforce snack reform initiatives

3)      Creating strong internal and external partnerships

4)      Crafting positive and strategic communications

Read the full report- USDA Snack Policy Implementation: Best Practices from the Front Lines, United States, 2013-2014- to learn more about the study’s methods and results.