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CDC Spotlights Connection between Health and Academics


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a set of tools and resources on the linkages between academic achievement and students’ health in early July on their website.

Scientific reviews and studies have shown that there is a close relationship between health and education, meaning that there is a need to encourage not just academic excellence in schools, but also healthy choices and well-being.

The CDC took these research findings and developed a set of guidelines and strategies for schools to address barriers to healthy behavior among students and help schools use these guidelines in creating a healthier environment.

The resources available on the website include numerous tools and presentations that leaders working in schools and health can take advantage of to help schools address the connection between school-based physical activity and academic performance -- such as more data and statistics on the link between health and academic achievement, or a report on recommended strategies for teachers and school staff in helping students feel connected to the school in efforts to protect them against health-risky behavior.

To see the rest of the resources and tools available, see the Spotlight webpage here.

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