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Healthier Vending in Louisville, KY

We love celebrating victories in the field—congratulations to Louisville for helping more people have access to heathier vending options!


iStock-521812354.jpgNews out of Louisville, Kentucky! Congratulations to the city for establishing healthier nutrition standards for vending machines on Louisville Metro properties.

Recently, Mayor Greg Fischer signed Executive Order No. 1, which increases healthier food and beverage offerings in vending machines on city property. The new policy aims to improve the health of residents, as two out of three Louisville residents are currently not at a healthy weight. Louisville is emerging as a leader of health and wellness, as demonstrated by its 2016 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Culture of Health Prize.  

The new standards require at least 75% of vending machine items to meet the Louisville Metro Healthy Vending Guidelines, which includes a provision that all products will have 0 grams of trans fats and a sodium limit of no more than 230 mg. Additionally, calorie labeling must be prominent and the healthier items must be at eye-level for consumers.  

Congratulations to the coalition of advocates who worked to bring healthier foods to Metro employees and visitors at the city’s buildings, parks and other facilities!

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