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Gimme Five


The Inside Track launches a brand-new feature this week called “Gimme Five,” headed by Zach Brooks, our customer relations manager. Each week, Zach will speak with a Leader to get a quick look at why he or she loves working to create healthy environments for kids. Fittingly, the first is all about the Leader who Zach knows the best: himself.

Want to take part? Click here to see Zach’s profile and contact him.

Name: Zach Brooks
Title: Customer Relations Manager

1. What inspired you to start working on childhood obesity?

I was really excited to start working on I grew up in a pretty unwalkable community in Michigan and didn’t think twice when I’d have a Coke or Sprite during school. As I’ve gotten older and seen the effects these environments have on communities and kids, I was glad to do my part to help Leaders connect. I’m also glad we focus on creating healthy environments and policies, so we can make it easier for kids and their parents to make the healthy choice.

2. How are you helping to reverse childhood obesity?

At, we’re helping Leaders and Supporters of the childhood obesity movement connect together to share information and create change. In my role, I help find interesting Leaders who are working in the field to prevent childhood obesity. I also help Leaders fully utilize our tools to make valuable connections together.  

3. What’s your biggest accomplishment so far in helping reduce childhood obesity?

In late January 2013, we hit a milestone for We reached more than 3,000 registered Leaders and more than 200,000 Supporters. The network hit a size the team had been working toward for years and I was really proud of the impact we’d be able to have with our campaigns. Shortly after reaching this milestone, we launched our School Snacks campaign. Thanks to the hard work the team put in to build the network, we will be able to show the USDA that the public wants to see healthy changes in schools.

4. Who is your role model in your work?

I really admire groups doing work to encourage physical activity in communities. Playworks, KaBoom!, Instant Recess and Safe Routes to School are just a few groups who are nationally doing work to encourage kids to get active. I’m glad to work with Leaders from these organizations.

5. What healthy snacks did you enjoy growing up?

I have always been a vegetable kind-of guy. Some of my favorite healthy snacks growing up were carrots, baby corn and frozen peas (yes, still frozen).