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Facebook Announces News Feed Changes

It was a matter of time before Facebook changed their news feed algorithms. With Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of the news feed change, we must think on how this will affect organizations and business pages and engagement.


b9610fac3b7d8045c372928a3a5fe046.jpgFacebook is encouraging more engagement between friends – forcing it to happen by changing the way the News Feed works – they could help make your Facebook experience more meaningful. But the news for Pages is not so great. So what does this mean for your page?

Expect your Facebook Page reach to go down. How much will depend on how well your business is able to adjust to the changes as they roll out.

How and when they’ll roll out, Facebook hasn’t said – you can likely expect a series of tweaks that will see Page reach decrease over time, further than it already has.

The bottom line: you need to be generating engagement with your posts, as real conversation will be favored by the system. How much, exactly, the algorithm will lean this way, we don’t know, but if you start seeing declines, this may be the cause.

Keep an eye on your Facebook Insights, and start exploring new ways to converse with your audience.

Also, what likely won’t be impacted? Ads. Pay-to-play may soon be the only way to go.