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End-of-Year Roundup: 5 Tips from America’s Healthiest Schools

Check out these five tips from The Alliance for a Healthier Generation to close out the school year on a healthy note.


As many schools have closed their doors for summer break, this is a perfect time to reflect on achievements and milestones from the past school year. From reflection activities to classroom party recipes, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation has you covered in closing out the year on a healthy, meaningful note.

To end the year, we’ve rounded up a list of favorite tips from some of America’s Healthiest Schools to inspire you to make healthy changes this year and beyond.

1) Swap Food Fundraisers for Physical Activity

  • “We held ‘zombie runs’ and a Valentine’s Day 5K to fundraise for our athletics and physical education program. We also sponsored car washes to bring in additional dollars for our campus.” – Maribel Pulido Perez, Staff Member, IDEA College Preparatory, Texas

2) Start the Day on the Right Foot – With Movement!

  • “Our students walk every morning for 20 minutes before the start of classes.” – Laurel Foster, Physical Education Teacher, Holgate Middle School, South Dakota

3) Focus on the “Why” to Gain Support for Wellness

  • “Change can be tough for teachers, but just understanding the importance of being healthy has shown staff that implementing a wellness policy is a great thing. They are all on board now and know the “why” now.” – Kari Bishop, Student Wellness Coordinator, Anderson Elementary School, North Carolina

4) Support Employee Well-Being

  • “This year we were gifted an app for all teachers and staff that promotes relaxation and meditation. It has added a new element to our employee health.” – Rachel Timsit, Teacher, Hazeltine Elementary School, California

5) Invite Parents to Partake in Wellness Policies

  • “Parents, students and teachers sign an annual contract that highlights the responsibilities of each group. Teachers pledge to provide daily recess and physical activity breaks. Students commit to striving for 60 minutes of physical activity daily, while parents agree to support them by restricting screen time and encouraging movement at home.” – Jennifer A. Velez, Physical Education Teacher, John M. Sexton Elementary School, Florida

Visit for more ways to promote staff well-being, involve parents in wellness efforts, and create a healthier school for your students and staff this summer and into next school year!