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Active Role States Have Played in Helping to Transform the School Wellness Environment through Policy

State laws can affect school wellness, too! Sixteen states’ laws required school district wellness policies for School Years 2014-15. See the National Wellness Policy Study’s new report evaluating SY 2006-07 through SY 2014-15.


ActiveRoles.PNGBy the University of Illinois at Chicago

This report provides historical data on state wellness policy-related laws (SY 2006-07 through 2014-15), baseline information on state laws related to the first year of Smart Snacks regulation (SY 2014-15), and insights as to how state laws align with the provisions of the USDA’s wellness policy final rule given the forthcoming implementation date (SY 2017-18). In addition, an assessment of the scope and intensity of requirements included in state laws governing the local wellness policy environment for all years, across all topic areas, and by selected state characteristics is included.

Read the full report here.

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