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3 Tips to Keep Kids Healthy and Active This Summer

Summer is a perfect time to recharge, relax and appreciate warmer, longer days. For many kids, summer also provides an opportunity to enjoy a break from school, a fun family vacation or quality time with friends. But for the millions of children who rely on free and reduced-price school meals each day, summer can also be a time where food—let alone healthy options—is hard to come by.


This summer, the Alliance for a Healthier Generation is inspiring families and communities to partake in their healthiest summers yet—all the while raising awareness for the critical need to keep kids fed, active and engaged all summer long.

Here are Healthier Generation’s three tips to help you keep kids in your community healthy and active this summer:

1. Elevate Your Summer Meal Program

Federally funded summer meals play a critical role in keeping the nearly 20 million children who rely on its programs during the school year well-fed in the summer months. Research shows that unfortunately, only one in seven of these children receives a nutritious lunch during the summer. Luckily, many communities are finding creative ways to reach kids in need—utilizing libraries, churches and parks to distribute free meals. By implementing creative ways to make your summer meal program stand out, you can get help more children in your community stay well-fed and engaged throughout the season.

2. Explore the Great Outdoors

Fill your water bottles, lather on the sunscreen and spend some time outside this summer! From the West Coast to Northeast, from the South to Midwest, there are plentiful, free opportunities to stay active and explore your surroundings this summer. Whether it’s trying a new sport or packing for a healthy picnic, encourage kids to step away from the screens and into fresh air this month!

3. Make a Simple #SummerSwap

Whether you’re gearing up for a Labor Day barbecue or looking to make the most of your final weeks of summer, Healthier Generation has simple recipes and tips to help you make small but meaningful improvements to your health. Try making a healthy #SummerSwap, such as substituting video games for active gaming, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or trading a milkshake for a berry smoothie.


For more tips and tricks to stay healthy this summer (and into the back-to-school season!) visit Healthier Generation’s summer page and follow #SummerSwap.