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Why Did You Join the Movement?



As a leader, you are at the forefront of the movement to end childhood obesity. But we have a question for you: Why? is in the midst of a makeover, one that will give the website a facelift designed to better highlight the great work you and other leaders do each day.  When we launch the new site, we want to make sure that we include voices from leaders like you. 
That’s why we’re asking you to tell us why you joined the childhood obesity prevention movement. Did you struggle with weight issues? Have you always been into health? Are you looking to help kids?
Everyone has a unique story to tell. Jennifer Barber, who we profiled in an item above, began helping kids in Arizona after beating cancer eight times. Deb Hubsmith, who we wrote about back in April, dedicated herself to providing safe routes for kids to get to school after surviving a violent car crash. And Alfonzo Basurto started his charity after overcoming his own childhood weight struggles.
So what inspired you? Contact me! We’ll gather the responses for an upcoming item in The Inside Track, and include them as part of our website redesign.