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Tweet Why #SchoolFoodsRule


For the past several Fridays, has joined our friends at MomsRising to talk about the importance of healthy school foods. Or rather, we’ve tweeted about it.

Each Friday afternoon at 1 p.m. Eastern, we’ve taken part in a Tweet chat about school food using the hashtag #SchoolFoodsRule. We would love for Leaders like you to join the conversation this and every Friday.

You can tweet about your own experience with school food at your child’s school or a school that you work at. You can share links to news stories, blog posts or other content that discuss school food. You can even just share your own opinion on why improving the nutritional quality of school food, including meals and snacks, is an important part of the overall effort to reduce childhood obesity.

If you don’t want to take part in the Tweet chat but do want to follow the conversation, just type “#SchoolFoodsRule” into the Twitter search box and you’ll find tweets from us and others taking part in the chat. It’s a great way to learn about what’s happening on the school food front. We seem to learn something new every Friday about school food!

And in case you don’t follow us, our Twitter handle is @Prevent_Obesity.