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The Every Kid in a Park Program Turns Three

Every Kid in a Park, a program that encourages 4th graders to get out and explore, has reached their third year. 


kidpark.PNGBy Outdoors Alliance for Kids

The national program, Every Kid in a Park, provides free entry for fourth graders and their families to America’s National Parks.

Jackie Ostfeld, the chair of the Outdoors Alliance for Kids said, “The Every Kid in a Park program is inspiring a new generation to get out and explore America’s great outdoors. At a time when children and youth are increasingly sedentary and disconnected from nature, programs like Every Kid provide entry points for our youth to play, get active, and learn about the outdoors. The program is a low-cost and popular public-private partnership that helps boost local economies while improving our children’s health and connections to nature. In the program’s first year, more than two million fourth graders downloaded the Every Kid pass. Over the first two years, nearly $5 million in private funding has been leveraged to support transportation costs for children from low-income schools across America.”

Have a fourth grader or know a family who does? Help spread the word that they can gain free entry to our nation’s natural wonders and historic sites, and help more kids get out there and be active today!

We at Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center, love to hear when families get out and explore in new and interesting ways, and we think that the Every Kid in a Park program allows families to have that freedom and encourages physical activity in a fun, family filled program. Congratulations to all who have worked on this program and have helped it continue to grow and prosper.