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Stand Up for the Next Generation of Olympic Athletes


The team at has been glued to the coverage of the 2012 Summer Olympics. There were cheers in the office when the U.S. women’s gymnastics team captured gold. We were all excited when swimmer Michael Phelps captured his 19th Olympic medal. And we can’t wait to watch both the men and women’s basketball teams reach for historic triumphs.

But what we aren’t excited to see during the Olympics coverage is advertisements for companies whose product lines contain mostly unhealthy foods and beverages. That’s why we recently put together a petition asking Olympic broadcaster NBC and the U.S. Olympic Committee to hold advertisers to a higher standard, starting with the 2014 games.

We’d love for you to sign the petition and help us spread the word. Here’s some more information about our effort:

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve been enjoying the Summer Olympics in all its glory. And, unless you have a front row seat at the venues in London, you’re most likely watching on NBC or one of its affiliates. 

You’re not alone. The Games are one of the most-watched events, viewed by millions of children and their families. And, while we LOVE watching the Olympics on NBC, we don’t love exposing our kids to the unhealthy marketing that’s aired in between the competitions. 

Our kids deserve better! Both broadcaster NBC and the U.S. Olympic Committee should hold Olympic advertisers to the highest possible standards when it comes to the foods and beverages advertised during the games. 

It makes no sense that so many of the Olympic advertisers’ main products are unhealthy foods and beverages. While the Olympics show kids the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle, during the commercial breaks kids see ads for companies who main products include sugary drinks and foods high in calories, salt and fat. 

Stand up for the next generation of Olympic athletes by taking action today. Urge NBC and the U.S. Olympic Committee to hold advertisers to a higher standard for our kids, beginning with the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.