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Special Journal Issue on Food Insecurity in the United States

With more than 37 million Americans facing hunger, The Journal of Translational Behavioral Medicine’s (TBM’s) special issue “Food Insecurity in the U.S.,” should not be overlooked. Topics include nutrition, food insecurity and hunger, food retail, school and community settings. Don’t miss the details on this informative resource!


In partnership with Deborah J Bowen, PhD, Professor at the University of Washington, the Center’s Executive Director Amy Yaroch, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist Courtney Parks, Ph.D. and Research Scientist Eric Calloway, Ph.D., RD, served as co-editors to develop and lead this special issue of TBM. The focus of interest was on the intersect of diet/obesity and poverty from a behavioral science perspective, with a specific interest in papers that included results demonstrating the role that various social determinants of health play in food access among low-income populations. Topics include nutrition, food insecurity, and hunger, food retail, and school and other community settings. This highly relevant issue comes on the cusp of the USDA’s release of its annual report, detailing that despite improvements, 37 million Americans, including more than 11 million children, still face hunger. 
Read the full issue here: