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Signs of Progress in Preventing Childhood Obesity

Interested in being featured in a story? Burness is seeking communities and programs that are working to help children grow up at a healthy weight. 


iStock_81226681_MEDIUM.jpgBy Burness

After rising for decades, the national childhood obesity rate has held steady in recent years. Some cities, counties, and states have even reported declines in their childhood obesity rates. Places taking a comprehensive approach to helping children grow up at a healthy weight are seeing signs of progress. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is tracking reports like these and sharing the stories of places that are measuring declines, in the hopes that they can serve as a guide to other leaders looking to make healthy changes. Many of these stories are collected at If childhood obesity rates are declining in your community, or if you know of a place where they are, please let us know. We might be able to feature your data and story too. The data need to be publicly available, and height and weight information should be measured, not self-reported. If you’d like to share a story or data, please email [email protected].