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Safer Streets Progress in Oklahoma City!

On September 12, Oklahoma City voters cast their ballots in the “Better Streets, Safer City” special election. The Oklahoma City Council had initially voted to call the special election for voters to consider investing more than $1.2 billion in critical infrastructure like streets and sidewalks.


bikepic.jpgThe American Heart Association engaged advocates to attend City Council meetings leading up to the vote, and the Council ultimately approved three proposals to present to voters, with two of them addressing bicycle and walking improvements that will increase access and opportunities for physical activity across the city:

A 10-year, $967 million bond package to invest in streets, police and fire facilities, parks and other basic needs. The bond package would succeed the almost-complete 2007 bond program.

A temporary, 27-month continuation of the expiring MAPS 3 penny sales tax to fund $240 million for street resurfacing, streetscapes, trails, sidewalks and bicycle lanes.

The ballot also included separate proposals for each of the proposed bond projects. Oklahoma City voters approved the two funding packages listed above as well as five projects that will improve biking and walking in Oklahoma City.

These results are encouraging for the American Heart Association’s Complete Streets campaign, which is being supported by a Voices For Healthy Kids grant. The AHA is partnering with the City Planning Department as they develop implementation plans for the city’s “Livable Streets” policy. Funding from the GO Bond is integral to ensuring that the improvements included in the plan are fully implemented.

In addition to reaching out to the City Planning Department, advocates joined and coordinated with the Citizens for a Better OKC coalition to help educate residents and coordinate on the timing and content of advocacy efforts.

Congratulations to the advocates working to make Oklahoma City safer for walking and bicycling!

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