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Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and National 4-H Council Partner Together

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the National 4-H Council are partnering together through a $4.6 million grant to improve the health of 1,000 communities across the nation over the next ten years. 


rwjf.jpgNational 4-H Council will engage the Cooperative Extension System, which includes land-grant universities that serve every county and parish in the U.S., to help local Health Councils implement action plans that ensure all community members can be healthier at every stage of life. Youth will work alongside public health organizations, businesses, government entities, non-profit agencies, and community members to address top public health priorities in each community. Five land-grant universities have been selected to identify a minimum of three communities each to begin the ten-year partnership: South Dakota State University, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, University of Minnesota, University of Tennessee, and Utah State University.

View the press release here.