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Progress Towards Healthier Beverages for Children

Since 2013, six top chain restaurants have committed to keeping kids’ menus free from soda and other sugary drinks—check out the new infographic tracking restaurant chain commitments.

6downgraphic.PNGWe’re excited to share CSPI and Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center’s new infographic tracking restaurant chain commitments to improve their drink offerings on children’s menus.

Thanks to the efforts of members of the Food Marketing Workgroup, six major national chains have removed sugary beverages from their kids’ menus. (These commitments are in addition to Panera and Subway, which never had sugary drinks on the kids’ menu.) We’ll soon have a more detailed study on beverages on children’s menus at the top 50 restaurant chains and changes since 2008.

We’re motivated by the progress, but know that there’s still a lot of work to be done!. To share, see the model social media below:


  • Since 2013, 6 chain restaurants have removed soda and other sugary drinks from kids' menus. Checkout @CSPI & @Voices4HK new graphic
  • Check out which restaurants have dropped sugary drinks from the kids’ menu & which haven’t. Six down, many to go


And check out the Spanish versions here: