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A special message from Rebecca Frank,’s Network Analyst:
As you know, at, we’re all about the network of activists working to reverse childhood obesity. But we don’t believe that our network lives independent of all your other networks — FacebookTwitter, and so on.  
As the network analyst on our team, I get to spend a lot of time figuring out how to connect what we’re building to the places you’re already hanging out and sharing information with friends and family. In the past, I’ve told you about tweeting from the White House and shared our social data with you. 
Now I’m really excited to announce another step in our social outreach: Google+.
Google+ is a new social network developed by the search-engine giant. At first glance, it seems a lot like existing sites, but it has powerful features we’re excited to share with our network. I’m most excited about using the Hangout feature to video chat with our leaders. 
If you’ve ever wished you could see the person at the other end of your conference call, Hangouts are for you! The tool also allows you to upload pictures on the go from a mobile device — so we’ll try to share more pictures in real-time from events we attend.
We’re learning Google+ as we go, and we’re excited to share what we learn with you. Connect with us on Google+ (or Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn). We can’t wait to hear what you have to say!