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Oklahoma City Council Votes to Improve City Streets and Sidewalks

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma City Council unanimously adopted a Livable Streets policy, which will lead to a more active, healthier, and safer Oklahoma City!


DTr-G-SV4AAGrKt.jpgThis transportation policy and design approach was included in PlanOKC to improve the Oklahoma City community.  Livable Streets will create opportunities for residents of all ages and abilities to travel throughout the city with an increase of designated bike lanes, sidewalks and crosswalks.

This policy will lead to safer streets and improved community health. Studies show people who reside in walkable neighborhoods are typically more active, which reduces the risk of many chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease. More than 32 percent of Oklahoma adults are classified as obese, according to 2016 data by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Livable Streets will help provide the opportunity for everyone to walk or bike to their destination.

Congratulations to the Oklahoma City Planning Department, Oklahoma City leaders, the American Heart Association and to all the advocates who are making each day healthier for all children!

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