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Now It’s Time to Say Thank You advocacy campaign headquarters has been busy this week.

On Monday, New York Leader Nancy Huehnergarth sent folks in the Empire State a message asking them to support Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s sugary drink proposal.

Meanwhile, Leader Lori Dorfman wrote to Leaders and Supporters in the rest of the country, urging them to thank Mickey Mouse (and Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger) for setting nutritional standards for what can be advertised to kids.

As of Thursday morning, 3,708 people have written to Mickey and friends. If you haven’t already, click here to send your message to the House of Mouse!

Dorfman, director of the Berkeley Media Studies Group and co-chair of the Food Marketing Workgroup, writes that Disney’s announcement—that it will implement nutritional standards for what food and beverages can be marketed to children on its various media outlets—is setting a standard for other media companies to follow. As she writes:

Disney is leading by example. As one of the biggest companies in the world, its decisions set a standard for how others should operate.

That’s why some people think other media companies could follow in Mickey’s footsteps and announce similar policies of their own. What a great thing that would be for our kids!

The food and beverage industry spends $2 billion on advertising to our kids every year—money that shapes how young people expect to be fed. Most of that advertising is tempting them to eat the very sugary, salty and fatty foods they should avoid.

Some health advocates think Disney could go further, and maybe the company will. After all, it did start with establishing nutrition standards for foods associated with Disney characters, and then it improved the foods in its theme parks. This latest move speaks to Disney’s commitment.

And when Mickey Mouse raises his voice, people listen.

Click here to join Dorfman and more than 3,700 Leaders and Supporters and thank Disney for setting nutritional standards for children.