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New Resources Released by Voices for Healthy Kids!

Check out the new resources that have been developed to support your work to make every day healthier for all children!


Out-of-School Time Message Wheel

A message wheel is a simple visual format for organizing the messages that are key to your issue. Your most important message – the one thing you always want to share – is placed in the middle of the wheel. Supporting statements – which would likely include the problem, solution and one or who other key statements – are placed around the wheel like spokes. Use this resource when writing or when training a spokesperson on the issue.

Safe Routes to School toolkit expanded and updated!

New sections have been added to the toolkit! Take a few minutes to check out the new information. Additions include:


Shared Use Toolkit now online!

People of all ages and in all neighborhoods, want places where they can be active. However, many neighborhoods, especially those located in low-income areas, don’t have parks, community centers or other places where residents can safely be active.

Even though recreational facilities are often not evenly distributed across a city, especially across low-income and communities of color, schools generally are. School facilities can be an excellent resource within neighborhoods because they often offer safe play spaces that already exist, are known to the people who live nearby, and are well-equipped for activity.

Many schools are willing to open their doors and gates after hours, offering “shared use” of playgrounds, fields, running tracks, pools, gymnasiums, fitness rooms, and other spaces. Maximizing shared use of school facilities after school hours and offering activities can address both students’ and the community’s needs for recreational activity spaces.