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New Resources : Junk Food Marketing in Schools: How We Can Help

New resources have been released that equip advocates to address the unhealthy junk food marketing in schools. 

AHARasieYourHandtemplatev1.jpgHow many forms of junk food marketing can you name in your school? How many times a day do you think your kid is seeing in-school advertising for unhealthy foods? Unfortunately, exposure to junk food marketing occurs far more than we think it might.

To help alleviate this, and discourage junk food marketing in schools, the Voices for Healthy Kids Action Center and the Center for Science in the Public Interest have released new resources that address these practices in schools—a junk food marketing and school fundraising fact sheets, a Spanish language advocate fact sheet for school wellness policies, and examples of junk food marketing in schools.

Where to find these resources:

School Wellness Policy Toolkit—look under the resources tab, in the fact sheet section for these:

  • Spanish Language Advocate Fact Sheet
  • Junk Food Marketing Fact Sheet

Junk Food Marketing Toolkit—look under the resources tab, in the fact sheet section for these:

  • Food Marketing in Schools Examples
  • School Fundraising Fact Sheet

Highlights from the resources:

  • Examples of junk food marketing and how to recognize it
  • Spanish advocate fact sheets
  • Information on how you can address junk food marketing through local wellness policies
  • Compliance examples to meet the USDA’s final rule for local school wellness policies by June 30, 2017.

Next Steps—Join our community to make your voice heard:

Interested in having your voice heard about these important issues? Join our action teams today!

School Wellness Action Team

Junk Food Marketing Action Team