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New Resources for Recess

Check out these new resources from the CDC and SHAPE America.



By SHAPE America

Are you a leader for physical activity in your school, district or state? If so, you'll love these all-new resources developed by CDC and SHAPE America:

  • Strategies for Recess in Schools gives schools 19 evidence-based strategies for recess;
  • Recess Planning in Schools: A Guide to Putting Strategies for Recess into Practice and a Recess Planning Template help schools create a written recess plan that integrates the strategies.

Use the electronic Recess Toolkit to:

  • Identify the 19 evidence-based strategies for planning and providing recess in schools;
  • Build support for recess;
  • Develop a written recess plan;
  • Provide technical assistance to districts and/or schools;
  • Enhance professional development training and more.

Recess, in conjunction with health and physical education, contributes to an active school environment that supports 50 Million Strong by 2029, SHAPE America’s commitment to empower all children to lead active and healthy lives. Thank you for helping to cultivate an active school environment!

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