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New Resource: Narrative Change Toolkit from IllumiNative

IllumiNative’s mission is to illuminate the vibrancy and importance of contemporary Native stories, voices and issues and to end the invisibility and harmful stereotypes that have dire consequences for Native peoples. Learn how the new narrative change toolkit translates the research into more actionable tools that can be easily shared.


IllumiNative is building a movement of movements to leverage the power of Native organizations, tribes, youth, grassroots leaders and non-Native allies to change the national narrative about Native people. By adopting, adapting, and disseminating the new shared narrative about Native people, we are combating invisibility. Invisibility is one of the largest threats to Native communities and creates a void that is filled with toxic stereotypes and misconceptions. Authentic, contemporary stories about Native Americans are critical to creating a new narrative and smashing the stereotypes that have contributed to the invisibility and stigmatization of our people. Indian Country and our non-Native allies can work together to create a world where Native communities thrive.

The insights that were unearthed in the Reclaiming Native Truth project (RNT) research project, co-led by CEO Crystal Echo Hawk, illuminated a path for narrative change. We are starting to make a difference, but we need your help to spread the word, to create pressure and to spark broader change across society and key institutions.

The new narrative change toolkit translates our research into more actionable tools that can be easily shared. These tools will enable you to join the army of change agents working to amplify the New Native Narrative in the media, pop culture, K-12 education and other critical sections. Together, we can disrupt invisibility, smash toxic stereotypes and amplify Native voices and stories!