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New Resource: A Report Card on Congressional Action

A new report card resource from the Obesity Campaign is now available—learn more here.


campaigntoendobesity.PNGBy Lauren Reliford, Campaign to End Obesity

Moving the Needle on Obesity: A Report Card for the 114th Congress” reflects that, despite increased engagement and support for policy approaches to address the epidemic, Congressional action to advance these policies was minimal, earning them an overall “C” grade.   In addition to simply highlighting passage or failure of legislative measures—since legislative activity is iterative and often takes time, the report assessed Congress’ performance by evaluating:

  1. Progress, including incremental progress from previous Congress(es);
  2. Traction, as measured by the breadth and depth of Congressional support for and engagement on policy;
  3. Content, especially on measures specifically designed to address obesity and related, other innovative proposals; and
  4. Preservation of key policy gains from prior Congresses.