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NEW Funding Opportunity from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Nearly one-fifth of Americans live in low-income neighborhoods without access to a good jobs, good homes, and good schools. And, what happens when illness strikes? In most cases, they remain sick or get even sicker. Many will die 20 years earlier than others who live just a few miles away because of differences in education, employment, housing, safety, environment, and access to quality health care.


Unfortunately, the services and supports designed to improve social, economic, and environmental conditions are often disconnected from medical services and public health programs tasked with improving health. Delivery and financing systems operate largely in isolation from each other, despite many common goals and overlapping populations.

RWJF’s Systems for Action program is offering up to six awards of $250,000 each for research on how to better align and coordinate medical, social, and public health services to support population health. All proposals should include a focus on health equity, by examining how better aligning systems can ensure everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full health potential.

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Join an informational conference call on Tuesday, August 7 from 1–2 p.m. ET, for an overview and answers to frequently asked questions.